Monday, 15 February 2010

'Memories of the Future'

There was a space where a man once lived, breathed, dreamed and then finally disappeared. We took this space and our memories from it, turning these mental images into something new. Characters from films and books become a reality. We now welcome you into our reality, our new vision of the future created by the past.

Influenced by the ex-bedroom of Mr Robert Monk we brought to life characters inspired by David Lynch and our imagination. The general public were invited to view this 'museum' before engaging in memory bidding. Each audience member was allowed to swap a memory of their own for a memory from the museum in auction scenario.

Disco Toilet

After our birth into this harsh, cold, world, Emergent Behaviour brush off their jackets, shine their shoes and created their first piece of interactive theatre. Here we turned a public toilet into a 'disco' where we submerged our audience in our world sensuously. We used lighting/music/costumes/drinks/makeup for this total installation. The audience were told their clothing was unsuitable for the club and were given a choice of alternative attire from which, they were allowed to pick something. Each participant went through individually and were designated tasks to undertake via an allocated ticketing system. They then documented their experience using the camera provided.

Our Mission Statement

Behaviour of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of their parts taken separately. More accurately known as Emergent Behaviour.’

Emergent Behaviour are a two-part 'Live Art Duet' that act as mediators between their worlds. People are constantly identifying themselves through their gender, race, sexuality etc and this is creating boundaries. In order to overcome discrimination we must surpass this terminology and therefore create new 'utopian moments' through which people can identify themselves. Why must we be alone in a crowded place such as on public transport? We explore the ideas of togetherness and inclusion; how this can be created within a defined environment, and experienced by a diverse range of people. We hope to create for the individual a sense of community, that we feel is often absent in a great deal of live art, as well as in our society in general. We aim to take these issues out of the everyday and place them into an extra-daily world.