Thursday, 10 November 2011

'The Wolf and the Angry Young Man' @ Folly for a Flyover 23-24/07/11

A Site specific performance made for a motorway underpass as part of Create Festivals' Folly for a Flyover in Hackney Wick in association with the Barbican . For this we took inspiration from our surroundings and the myth of the she wolf.

Vintage Festival @ The Southbank 29/07/11

Curated by I Had Two Much To Dream Last Night, Emergent Behaviour with Lemon Curd Lighting performed at the Leisure Lounge at the Royal Festival Hall alongside the Amarylas, Thee Vicars and Speak and the Spells.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Light and Dark Series Pt. 1

SKIPtheatre's Smash Lab, 07/06/11@ The Book Club

Inspired by 60’s psychedelia, Emergent Behaviour present their work in progress conducting an investigation into aesthetics versus functionality. An exploration of light and costume using the physical body. A series of restrictions creating tensions of physicality for the performers and how this is emotionally transferred to its audience.

This work was testing out ideas for a piece that will be performed as part of Vintage Festival at the Southbank.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Emergent Behaviour Presents: Dead Beat Holiday

Nuclear War has left London Town ravaged. The few survivors wander the streets in desperation. Through the darkness there is one remaining glimmer of hope that keeps the peoples morale up. For one night only the Nest will be transformed into a Post-Apocalyptic Holiday Camp complete with all your favourite pastimes. Come one come all to have a good time knees up at our expense and join in with old fashioned community spirit – albeit a little hazardous to your health…

A night of toxic interactive performances, DJ’s and music hosted by Emergent Behaviour.


Bands: Billericay Boy, Marmeduke Dando, Naseby Fox

DJs: God Don’t Like it, SBBS DJ, Patrick 18ct Love Affair.

Performance Artists: Emergent Behaviour, Laura Hemming-Lowe, Elena Colman, Hannah Pring, Elise Colledge, Andy Watson, Gareth Ellis, Natalie Williams, Rosie Amelia Devine, Robert Monk.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Devil's In The Detail

Emergent Behaviour's final project at Goldsmiths.

You (the audience) are escorted by a Vegas show girl down to the Deptford Old Police Station where you are told to write your address on an envelope and a memory personal to you. You are waiting to get into the club situated in one of the containers and a bouncer picks you one at a time to enter into the Casino. You enter alone into Level 5 of Casino Purgatorio where you meet Midas and Pygmalian your eternally grateful hosts. Here you are able to swap your memory for a gambling chip and are given the chance to gamble with a piece of yourself for potential loss or gain.

Chance dictates your future and therefore the next stage of the game. The outcome of the game of blackjack determines the next room you enter or does it? Your hosts guide you to one of two rooms and there you will embark upon the next stage of your solitary journey for 3 minutes. Are you a winner or a loser? Is there any such thing as heaven or hell? Will you always want what you can't have? Do your outlook on life affect your experience of it?

Once you have explored the space for three minutes you are then asked to leave and are told that you have one more chance to gamble. You are invited to leave your chip to see if you are the final winner of the grand prize of which you will receive acknowledgment by post. This allows the piece to continue long after the piece has been destroyed.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Devils in the Detail

Live Art Speed Dating

‘We must try to believe that man’s will is free, that he can consciously exercise choice, and that his choice can be decisive to all eternity.’ Dante’s Inferno.

Welcome to Level 5. Are you the betting type? Have you ever taken a gamble in your life? Why not, what have you got to lose? Maybe nothing, maybe everything for an infinite amount of time?

Our piece 'Casino Purgatorio' was an excerpt from our final piece 'The Devil's in the Detail' which will be performed as part of Goldsmiths Low Brow Live Art festival and Dirty Cop at the Old Police Station In Deptford on Friday 26th March. It was a fantastic opportunity to get our work seen by members of the public and have feedback from a real audience that are unfamiliar to us.

We performed as part of Stoke Newington International Airports Live Art Speed Dating at Camden People's Theatre last night. The premise being that the audience pay for their tickets, are given 'date' cards and then proceed to have four minute 'date's' with each piece. After five dates Michael Jackson plays and everyone dances before resuming back to the date format. Live Art Speed Dating compare the event with DJ interludes.

There were a variety of dates, some behind partitions and some at tables, one in a lift and one in the toilet, but most were generally based on the theme of dating. From Renaissance etiquette to chatroulette.