Sunday, 14 March 2010

Live Art Speed Dating

‘We must try to believe that man’s will is free, that he can consciously exercise choice, and that his choice can be decisive to all eternity.’ Dante’s Inferno.

Welcome to Level 5. Are you the betting type? Have you ever taken a gamble in your life? Why not, what have you got to lose? Maybe nothing, maybe everything for an infinite amount of time?

Our piece 'Casino Purgatorio' was an excerpt from our final piece 'The Devil's in the Detail' which will be performed as part of Goldsmiths Low Brow Live Art festival and Dirty Cop at the Old Police Station In Deptford on Friday 26th March. It was a fantastic opportunity to get our work seen by members of the public and have feedback from a real audience that are unfamiliar to us.

We performed as part of Stoke Newington International Airports Live Art Speed Dating at Camden People's Theatre last night. The premise being that the audience pay for their tickets, are given 'date' cards and then proceed to have four minute 'date's' with each piece. After five dates Michael Jackson plays and everyone dances before resuming back to the date format. Live Art Speed Dating compare the event with DJ interludes.

There were a variety of dates, some behind partitions and some at tables, one in a lift and one in the toilet, but most were generally based on the theme of dating. From Renaissance etiquette to chatroulette.

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  1. Hello.

    Just got your update and wanted to say congratulations!

    I didn't get a chance to see the Live Art Speed Dating because I'm a lowly lifeform who spends his days in a can [and his nights in a white padded room] but it got some damn fine write ups so congrats again.

    I'll endeavour to see The Devil... on the 26th.