Monday, 14 March 2011

Emergent Behaviour Presents: Dead Beat Holiday

Nuclear War has left London Town ravaged. The few survivors wander the streets in desperation. Through the darkness there is one remaining glimmer of hope that keeps the peoples morale up. For one night only the Nest will be transformed into a Post-Apocalyptic Holiday Camp complete with all your favourite pastimes. Come one come all to have a good time knees up at our expense and join in with old fashioned community spirit – albeit a little hazardous to your health…

A night of toxic interactive performances, DJ’s and music hosted by Emergent Behaviour.


Bands: Billericay Boy, Marmeduke Dando, Naseby Fox

DJs: God Don’t Like it, SBBS DJ, Patrick 18ct Love Affair.

Performance Artists: Emergent Behaviour, Laura Hemming-Lowe, Elena Colman, Hannah Pring, Elise Colledge, Andy Watson, Gareth Ellis, Natalie Williams, Rosie Amelia Devine, Robert Monk.